About Our Company

Our Mission.

We chose the name Resolve Renewable for our waste collection company because we are determined to make a difference in our community. We recognized the need for a local waste collection company that understands the frustrations and desires of our neighbors. Unlike any other waste collection company, at Resolve Renewable, we have your best interest in mind. We are here to not only improve your experience with garbage pickup but to offer you the opportunity to help increase sustainability in our community.

We have the Resolve to keep Horry County Beautiful. The county-owned landfill where all the trash in Horry County ends up is a limited resource. Resolve Renewable is taking a stand to be part of the solution for sustainability. Our recycling initiative is to help divert recyclable waste from the landfill by providing you with the means to recycle in your home easily. With our recycling pickup services, you can help increase the life expectancy of our local landfill and start making a difference. Sign up today!