Customizable Weekly
Recycling Pickup

We have the Resolve to keep Horry County beautiful. Our goal is to help decrease the percentage of waste that goes to the landfill and increase the rate of recycling in our neighborhood. We can best do this by offering members of our community the opportunity to recycle from their homes with ease. Our commingled recycling pickup services can help you send less garbage to our local landfill and more to factories where it can be reused. Together we can increase sustainability in our community. Sign up and start making a difference today!

What to Recycle

You can recycle the following items in your curbside recycling program or at Horry County Recycling Centers.


The following items ARE NOT ACCEPTED curbside or at recycling centers: plastic bags (recycle at local grocery stores); glass cookware, dishes or ceramics; Styrofoam; paper plates, napkins, plasticware or silverware; light bulbs; mirrors; or wrapping paper